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We are a small indie computer game studio. Our name is the Vazhinsky brothers, we already made our first games when we were still very small, while we painted them on paper. Further, when the computer appeared, we worked closely with 3D graphics in programs such as 3DMax and Blender. Our first demos we just did with the help of our beloved Blender. We liked the simple approach and the ability to create a game directly in the program, as well as the convenient writing of scripts in python.

The beginning of our work with mobile games can be considered the appearance on the market of iPod touch and, accordingly, the App Store. In 2012, we founded 17Studio and our choice of the game engine fell on the Corona SDK, and we still work with them.

Our first projects were released on Android. In the future, on iOS, we will release Draw Rider. The game awaits tremendous success, it occupies a leading line in all application stores.

To date, Draw Rider has over 15 million downloads and has already established itself as a leader in racing mobile games.

After the success of Draw Rider, we begin the development of the sequel. The project was decided to be done on the modern cross-platform framework Unity. During the development, we have gained vast experience working with this program and various programming languages. It takes about three years to develop the sequel and our game is called Draw Rider 2. At the moment, the game is released on all relevant platforms and is actively supported by us.

Our former hobby is our job right now. Our slogan is "Play only the good games" so all of our games are handmade with great love and attention to detail.

We have experience publishing various projects on various platforms and we are ready to cooperate.

If you have a cool project and you are interested in working together or you have suggestions for one of our projects or something else, please contact us!